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Escape the Overwhelm:

Scale your home care business by design

Create your customized blueprint to scale your business in just 3 Days, and walk away with the confidence and clear next steps to make it happen.

Transform Your Business, Reclaim Your Life

This is for home care owners who feel trapped in the cycle of constant firefighting. Learn the simple strategies that have helped agencies across the industry increase revenue nearly $400 Million Dollars in the last 12 months alone. In just 3 days, unlock the secrets to scaling your business while maintaining your sanity.

Your 3-Day Path to Freedom

3-Days of Profitable action steps designed with you in mind

DAy 1

STrategy of Scaling

Design your blueprint for scalable success and life-business alignment

Day 1 is a deep-dive into strategic scaling. We will get laser focused on how you can successfully grow your business and on the secret to scaling without sacrificing your personal life goals and values.
  • Growth vs Scaling: Understand the differences between growth and scaling, and the ONE THING every owner must do to achieve sustainable success.
  • Actionable Scaling Strategies: Explore strategies that align your business growth with your personal values and long-term goals, ensuring your business expansion complements your life’s mission.
  • Foundation of a Scalable Home Care Agency: Learn the same system we use to help thousands of owners and operators across the country – both independent and franchise branded – implement daily actions that generate consistent, attainable growth and set the foundation for long-term success.

Day 1 sets the stage for a business that grows in sync with your personal aspirations, transforming your approach to scaling. Get ready to transform your “What If’s” and “What’s Next”.

DAy 2

Structural Foundation

Operational Excellence and Team Efficiency

On Day 2, we roll up our sleeves and focus on  cracking the code to achieve repeatable, operational structure and developing a high-performing team to support your business’s growth and effeciency – but doesn’t require your presence to make it happen!
  • Operational Structure for Scaling: Learn to build a solid operational foudnation that supports business growth, team development, and exceptional service delivery.
  • Empowering Leadership and Team Development: Discover strategies to develop a confident leadership team, enabling you to reduce your operational involvement without losing influence.
  • Optimizing for Profit: Uncover methods to structure your operations for maximum efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Day 2 is focused on actionable strategies to structure your business to streamline your operations for peak performance. Everything we learn and do together prepares you to leverage systemizing for sustainable growth!

DAy 3

Success in Scaling

Systemizing for Sustainable Growth

Everything comes together on Day 3 as we put the finishing touches on your blueprint for Scaling to Freedom. We will unlock your business potential for sustainable growth, understand the True Performance Indicators (T.P.I.’s) for measuring success, and which systems you have in your agency to build a lasting legacy.
  • The Power of TPIs: If you can measure it, you can monitize it! Discover the True Performance Indicators in your business that not only measure your success, but can predict it.
  • The Structure of a Lasting Legacy: There is a formula for creating impact and income. Today, you will learn it.
  • A Clear Plan to Succeed: The Blueprint we create together is your MAP to FREEDOM. By the end of the day, you will have a clear plan to scale your business and eliminate Owner Exhaustion and Operator Burnout.

Day 3 culminates a comprehensive strategy for long-term success. It’s where your journey towards a scalable, impactful, and legacy-driven business reaches its peak!

Transform your Business, Reclaim your Life

Success stories from Peers that have made it

Your questions, Answered

This is a virtual challenge happening January 16-18, 2024. Check your email after registering for a unique link to join.

Each session is planned for 90 minutes each day. Come prepared to listen and to take action! This is a roll-up-your-sleeves event and we are going to get work done together.

The “Scale to Freedom” Challenge is a 3-Day event designed to help home care owners scale their businesses effectively. It focuses on creating systems, structures, and strategies for sustainable growth without overwhelming the owner.

This challenge is ideal for Home Care Owners, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, or Operators running successful businesses, but feeling stuck in operations that are looking to scale their business while maintaining a balanced life.

Over the three days, you’ll learn about aligning your life and business goals, creating operational structors for scaling, and developing systems for long-term success and impact in your community.

Yes. Each day covers different aspects of scalling your business, building off the day before. Attending all three days ensures you get the full benefit of the challenge.

The challenge is most beneficial for owners with established businesses – ideally with an annual revenue between $750,000 and $4 Million, and with a team in place.

Yes! The Challenge includes interactive elements to ensure engagement throughout and practical application of the strategies discusssed.

Participants will have access to the challenge replace and documents for a limited time post-event to review and work to implement the strategies.

“Scale to Freedom” uniquely combines life, finance, and business strategies while focusing on aligning these areas for holistic business growth and personal fulfillment.

You can register on this page by clicking on any of the green buttons, or scroll down just a little from here to complete the registration form.

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