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Success doesn’t have to mean Sacrifice! You can grow your business, make more money, help more people… all without sacrificing the very reasons you started your home care agency to begin with.

You are a Home Care Owner that knows you can create generational success, but you can’t stop fighting fires long enough to take a breath – let alone think about tomorrow.

How can you get across this massive chasm between where you are now and where you know you are meant to be? The answer is simple: FILL THE GAP!

That is why each month in our Growth Accelerator Program, you will learn the Simple Success Habits that allow you to control your Time, increase your Profit, and – most importantly – position your agency as the Professional Solution and Authority for Care in your community.


The actions you take today determine where you will be in five years. You can look back with regret, wondering why it had to be so hard; even worse, you have to listen to everyone who said you couldn’t do it, using faint encouragement by saying, “It will all work out…”


You can Take Action, and DO THE THING! The thing that will position you as the authority; the thing that takes you to the next level; the thing that proves you are a force of nature in home care.

Only you can achieve the incredible Dream you were born to live, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE!

It’s time to invest in yourself! Join the Growth Acceleratory Program today, and together we will fill the GAP in your Home Care Agency.

Say YES! to Yourself!

Take the Action!

Join the Growth Accelerator Program today, and get access to $3,388 in Bonuses!

Growth happens when you take consistent, intentional Actions.

Every athlete needs a coach to help them consistently clime to higher and higher levels – You do, too!

You are a Home Care Owner! You are taking action every day in your business. But, at what cost? You wake up in the morning – consumed by work. You miss lunches and off days because you are too busy. You miss the unmissable family you swore you never would because you are overwhelmed with all the actions you are forced to take every single day.

That is why I’m inviting you to join the Growth Accelerator Program. You can stop the madness and exhaustion of busy business overwhelm as we help you understand the three stages of a successful Home Care Owner:

Action leads to Clarity. Clarity leads to Consistency. Consistency leads to Success.

What you get when you join GAP:

You will discover some of the industry’s most effective and up-to-date success strategies through dozens of training sessions covering everything from daily habits to recruiting to high-level marketing tactics – and more.

Focus is a requirement for success, so each month we spend two hours together rolling up our sleeves to get the work done in our Deep Dive Coaching Session. You will walk away laser-focused and ready to create lasting results and unlock unlimited growth.

Momentum in your business isn’t easy, and that’s why – in the Growth Accelerator Program – we are there with you every step of the way. Helping your create momentum and Keep It! Our monthly Traction Calls do exactly that. Plus, being able to mastermind solutions to your biggest challenges with other GAPpers provides invaluable support and accountability to help ensure you don’t lose momentum when it matters most!

Every minute you spend taking advantage of the Growth Accelerator Program is intentionally designed to help you build the four most important factors for success – Strategy, Marketing, Operations, and, most importantly, You!

Here's what other Home Care Owners have had to say:

"Home Care Ops is one of the best things I've ever utilized in my home care business. It took me from wanting to sell to effectively running my agency."
Nichole Haney
"This program has really helped me scale my business and helped me understand processes more clearly. I highly recommend!"
Chantal Bernard
"This has been an awesome experience! in the program, I have managed to create systems to help my business grow. The trainings are awesome no matter what stage of business you are in."
Erika Jones
"Today's Scheduling Workshop convinced me to stop the scheduling madness finally. One hour after, I had established a new scheduling template and received a new client intake call. I utilized my new system and - WOW! I have a new client fitting seamlessly into my system!"
Sara Poepsel
"I seriously cannot thank you guys enough for this! This one thing I put in place is bringing so much more to our name than anything else I have don in the last two years!!"
Laura Boerner

Plus, Extra Bonuses!

When you join Jessica’s Growth Accelerator Program, you get these amazing gifts to help you take control of your agency, retain more caregivers, and create success in your life and agency – for FREE…

#1 All Historic GAP Training Sessions

Our "Netflix"-like streaming platform, the Accelerator Hub, is where you have on-demand access to the entire library of GAP coaching and training sessions at your fingertips.

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A Virtual, Full-Day, Immersive training event for Home Care Owners. Unlock the power of being a Professional Solutions Home Care Agency. Leverage the proven strategies and tactics to make more revenue, develop happier clients, hire better-quality caregivers, and establish an even deeper connection to your core mission.

#3 Complete Access to the Scheduling Course that changed the industry

Schedule by Design is a fast-action strategy training that turns the biggest headache in your business (scheduling) into the most powerful tool you have to build your home care business and grow your income without losing your mind or covering shifts.

#4 Master Operators Guide to Orientation

Learn the most successful strategy Jessica used in her agency to turn orientation into a powerful and effective retention program. This step-by-step guide gives you the tools, resources, checklist, and templates to instantly uplevel your agency's hiring process.

Plus A Few More Incredible Surprise Bonuses!

Remember, every day you hesitate is a day you could’ve been building your Home Care Agency… Hurry and Join, Today!!

YES! I want to join Jessica's Growth Accelerator Program, now!

(And, gain access to the "Netflix" of Home Care Operatoins!)

Gain the Confidence and Authority to step into the Home Care Owner You Are!

Bootstrapping my agency to a multi-state, multi-million dollar business pushed me to become a Next-Level owner; and my passion to help owners – just like you – achieve their Next-Level Success made me the industry’s best Home Care Operations Coach.

When I started my agency, no one came up and magically gifted me with the knowledge to be extremely successful. No one instantly have me access to their years of learning and earning.

When you join GAP, that’s exactly what you get!

I want to be one of the mentors that helps you take the next step in your journey as a Home Care Owner. Training and teaching you each month, the lessons and knowledge I earned through doing it wrong (the way everyone said home care had to be done!) before blazing the trail so owners like you can do if faster, easier, and simpler!

Trainings through GAP will provide you

Perception Mastery:

The secret to controlling how clients, applicants, and referral partners see your agency is Powerful weapon that can position you to be seen as the Expert and Authority for care. Knowing these principles and how to implement them can be the advantage that you never knew you must have!

GPS Guidance for Your Agency:

Call Outs. Missed Shifts. New clients that need you RIGHT NOW! When you discover how to apply the Chaos Funnel in your agency, it grants you the ability to control the most important element in the middle of the unexpected: Your Response! When all seems to go wrong, the Chaos Funnel is your navigation system to make sure that nothing and no one keeps you from your Intentional Outcome.

Overcome Fear:

Confidence is difficult to fake when you’re facing your fears. In GAP, you discover how to change your mindset and unlock your true potential, providing you the ability to overcome any fear that is holding your back from achieving the success you didn’t even know you were capable of!

Only you can create success in your agency, but you don’t have to do it alone! I want to help you achieve whatever dreams and plans you have for your business, and I am here to share what I know every month with you!

YES! I want to join GAP and have Jessica coach me every month!

(And, gain access to the best on-demand library of Home Care Success Strategies in the Industry!)

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