Home Care Ops Announces Partnership with Careswitch and Endorses Careswitch’s Free Home Care Software

Clint and Jessica Nobles, together with their team at Home Care Ops, are excited to announce a new partnership with Careswitch; the home care industry’s first freemium-model agency management software.

Freemium-model refers to a free base version that can be used indefinitely (rather than a finite free trial) with optional upgrades.

Careswitch, which has taken the home care industry by storm since it announced its switch to freemium last year, provides a robust free agency management software that includes scheduling, care documentation, EVV, and other necessities, while offering optional add-ons like full-service payroll and premium team communication features.

As part of the new partnership, the Careswitch team will assist in adding to Home Care Ops’ already extensive library of educational content for home care owners, and both organizations will work together to ensure that every agency is aware of the option for a free agency management solution through Careswitch. The partnership, which is not exclusive, also includes monetary agreements.

“We vet partners very carefully for this kind of partnership and there are very few vendors that we’re comfortable promoting,” says Jessica Nobles, founder of Home Care Ops. “Careswitch is one of them.”

“There’s a growing group of agencies within the Home Care Operators Community who are very excited about Careswitch and vocal about it,” says Jessica. “While there are agencies of all sizes using Careswitch and loving it, I see particular value in its use for up-and-coming agencies. The option for free software means that no agency owner has any excuse not to run their agency on software.”

“We’re excited to work more closely with the Home Care Ops team,” said Ilya Vakhutinsky, CEO of Careswitch. “Careswitch’s mission is to make it easier to make money in home care. This partnership brings us one step closer to accomplishing that mission.”

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