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We believe we can accomplish far more together than we ever can as individuals. As we harness the strength of the collective wisdom of home care industry experts, we can leverage these powerful relationships to find solutions that increase profits, maximize efficiencies, and deliver exceptional client and employee experiences for the owners and agencies we serve.

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Influence Home Care

Our partners have increased influence in elevating home care owners through our coaching, webinars, and events.

  • Facebook: Home Care Owners Community
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Virtual Events
  • Action Leader Coaching
  • High Achievers Mastermind

Our Reach

As a partner, your information is included in communication from Home Care Ops to:


How Our Partners Engage

Largets NETWORK OF home care owners in the Industry

  • Added as an Expert contributor
  • Contribute Monthly with branded posts
  • Monthly Post from HCOps about individual partners
  • Montly Blog posts on our website – also shared to Facebook & LinkedIn
Members & Growing

Free Industry trainings

  • Sessions and Networking events covering best practices in home care ownership
  • Expert presenters and/or panelists’
  • 500+ Average Attendees

3-Day Online training

  • General and VIP Attendance options
  • Sessions and Panels
  • Largest Virtual Home Care Event in the Industry
  • Virtual Partner Space to introduce Attendees to Solutions
THE Home Care Event for Home Care Owners

Owners Excelling in the Home Care Industry

We coach Home Care Owners across the US, Canada, and United Kingdom to leverage a team-managed agency to reduce their workload, increase their revenue, and scale their business WHILE exiting daily operations.

We understand just how impactful that having the right tools and systems can be. We know that together we can be a force for greatness and make a real difference in the lives and businesses of Home Care owners and professionals across the nation.

Beyond strategies to build a team-managed agency, allowing owners to exit daily strategies, we faclitate the High Achievers Mastermind group, which focuses on leveraging home care agency successes to further diversify and create more business and personal wealth.


Coaching for home care owners ready to exit daily operations
Revenue Range: $1M-$6M
Exclusive Mastermind Group for home care owners ready to leverage & diversify
Revenue Range: $4M-$22M+

We provide the following categories as sponsors to reach our audience:

  • Accounting, Billing, & Payroll
  • Home Care Consulting
  • Legal Services & Human Resources
  • Software/Technology
  • Accreditation
  • Insurance & Employee Benefits
  • Medical Supplies & Equipment
  • Staff Development

Becoming a Partner

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