Take the Video Challenge

30 Video ideas to consider

Theses ideas are meant to inspire you to engage with your right-fit clients (and caregivers) through social media. If you approach these suggestions the same way I approach recipes for meals and built on these prompts – making them your own, that would be the best possible outcome of sharing these with you.

These are built with the intention of developing more comfort and confidence infront of a camera. After you’ve gone through the 30 Video prompts to put together a month’s worth of content, you can continue using the same prompts, butchange up the messaging to cover different topics/services each time to continue feeding your social media with fresh/engaging content.


Here are some elements you’ll see repeated throughout the video prompts below:


This stands for Right-Fit Client (or Caregiver), which is your ideal audience to connect with through your content.


This is the attention-grabing statement that introduces what the video is about.


This is a type of video that will include you or a person from your agency speaking in the video. Generally runs from 30-60 seconds.


In these videos, there will be text/graphics to depict the message instead of someone speaking. You'll want to select a song for background audio that complements the message. Video and images in the background will help illustrate your point.


This will include some guidance of what to include in the video to lead to your desired and the RFC's desired outcomes.


Rather than create a video each day to post, plan your videos for 15-30 days out, then schedule blocks of time to shoot several at once. After shot and edited, use either built-in scheduling tools or 3rd-Party social media tools to schedule out the videos to post so they happen each day without requiring a team member to take time each day to post them.

Video Topic Prompts

#1 - Your "WHY"

#2 - Perception VS. Reality

#3 - Source of Inspiration

#4 - hidden pitfalls

#5 - The Unspoken Truth

#6 - Challenging the Norms

#7 - Daily Opportunities

#8 - Quick Wins

#9 - The REDO

#10 - Address the Guilt

#11 - Personal Preferences

#12 - Greatest Impact Witnessed

#13 - The Inside Scoop

#4 - WAnts, Don'ts, and Dos

#15 - Unveiling Truths

#16 - Your Work Ethic

#17 - Hot Tip

#18 - How I got started

#19 - We don't talk about...

#20 - Not Selfish

#21 - The Full Picture

#22 - Rewards/Pay Offs

#23 - Top 3 Tools


  • Dementia: memory books, music, etc
  • Fall Prevention/Monitoring: apps, devices, stability/support equipment
  • Communication: electronic devices, specific apps, etc

#24 - End Result

#25 - Q&A

#26 - Never Forget

#27 - Acknowledge Success

#28 - What's Happening?

#29 - Greatest Lesson


BONUS - Company Culture

At some point during the month, mix in a video or two that showcases some of your company culture. This can help you connect with your audience through a more entertaining approach. Highlight interactions with your team, your clients, or your community.

Here’s an example of a Company Culture post.

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