Home Care Marketing

Watch Your Phraseology

“Watch your Phraseology!” So exclaimed Mayor Shin on a couple of occasions in the musical The Music Man. Once after his wife says “Tempus fugit” (translation: time flies) and another after his daughter says “It’s Capulets like you make blood in the marketplace. Ye Gods!”. Does he respond so because he doesn’t understand the phrases, […]

Sharing Your Story Through Video

Does Video Help? Absolutely! Kevin interviews Nick Bonitatibus with Digital Champions as they discuss the reluctance some may have when it comes to getting started, but focus more on what has been proving more successful for home care agencies when it comes to leveraging video in their marketing.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWcwo7o_kH4?rel=0 Questions we cover: How have […]

How Operations Impacts Branding

What would your perception be of these brands if… Kleenex tissues fell apart? Folgers really wasn’t the best part of waking up? Customer service at Chic-fil-A wasn’t excellent? Verizon didn’t let you hear me now? Maytag’s repairman was always busy instead of waiting for work? You weren’t in good hands with Allstate? Each of these […]

Unharness the Power of Video

If you’ve been following Home Care Ops for even a short amount of time, you can attest to the fact we believe in the power of video when it comes to communicating our content. Everything from impromptu trainings, motivational shares, or full webinars/masterclasses/trainings are shared via video. Some incredible facts about video: Great medium for […]

Home Care Holiday Marketing Ideas

The Holidays are filled with opportunities Considering the inherent, caring nature that envelops the home care industry, this season of holidays ranging from focus on expressing gratitude to giving/charity creates a natural environment for an agency to seriously level up their brand awareness. There are myriad examples you could find if you look to what […]

Moments. Marketing. Momentum.

“How do I get results from marketing?” or something along those lines is quite the common question asked by small business owners – home care owners not excluded. Shortcomings in efforts to generate leads for your home care agency can be quite exhausting. And, when marketing becomes a cost – instead of an investment, it […]

Community Invovlement: Alzheimer’s Association

walk to end alzheimer's

Community Involvement Series: Because there are so many various opportunities that may or may not be relevant for your home care agency to participate in, we’re breaking down some we’re aware of that may benefit most depending on the specified services they provide. Today, we’re focusing on a huge opportunity for home care agencies specializing in […]