Unharness the Power of Video

If you’ve been following Home Care Ops for even a short amount of time, you can attest to the fact we believe in the power of video when it comes to communicating our content. Everything from impromptu trainings, motivational shares, or full webinars/masterclasses/trainings are shared via video.

Some incredible facts about video:

  1. Great medium for all ages!
  2. Hits audio and visuals senses!
  3. Viewers get to experience your brand personality!
  4. 63.8% of indivauls 65+ view videos on the internet!

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"Reach out and Touch Someone"

I know… I just stole that from the old AT&T commercials. However, video is accessible in just as many places and more – as phones. A siginificant difference is, video doesn’t require you to always be physically available in order for someone to hear what you have to share. 

If you’re a 70s/80s kid, like me, you grew up with one TV in your home (maybe two, if your parents splurged) that only had access to 4-5 channels. Even when Cable TV brought us 60+ channels, we were still limited to only the two TVs in our home.  If we were still in the 80s or 90s, I’d be writing a newpaper article (instead of a blog) about the importance of making commercials for TV.  Since we now have traditional TV, streaming TV, social media video, etc. that can be and is consumed from literally any room in the house and away from the home, I’m going to challenge you to communicate with your Right-Fit Clients through engaging video content. 

Benefits of Using Video

1. Video Content Helps Increase/Spread Brand Awarenes

Of all the forms of media you could use to demonstrate your brand personality to your right-fit client audience, video is the most powerful. Through video, the content you share isn’t just giving your prospects information that would help them understand your level of expertise in home care. They also get to experience you and members of your team, which provides them a glimpse of the true personality of your brand. Writing something compassionate and passionate about your commitment to home care is one thing; having people experience the expressions in your face and in your voice in a video is an entirely different level of connecting.

2. video incluences conversions (buying decisions)

93% of consumers find video helpful when making purchase decisions, and 73% of consumers say their likelihood to actually make a purchase decision is increased after they watch a video. If well-excecuted, a video can capture your audience’s attention, educate them about your agency’s services, make an emotional connection with them, and inspire them to act.

3. Video ONLInE is Cost-Effective

In the marketing industry, there’s a term called “Cost per Mille” (CPM), which references the advertising costs per 1,000 impressions/views. For newspapers, the average is $46.82 CPM. Radio can be as low as $6.75 CPM.  Primetime local TV ads run approximately $36.00 CPM. Whereas, you can post as many organic videos to social media and Youtube as you’d like – reaching potentially thousands of views – without spending any CPM. If you take effective videos and use them in paid video ad campaigns to a targeted audience, you could see CPM around $0.38 (YouTube’s average) or $6.06 (TikTok’s average),  $12.53 (Facebook’s average), or $6.70 (Instagram’s average). 

Even if you find yourself paying a little more for CPM in your online video campaigns, you should understand how much more precise your audience targeting can be online than in any of the more traditional forms of media. TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc are broad marketing platforms that do not narrow in on who sees your videos, whereas, you can dictate quite specific demographic and online usage details in online ads to tighten in and increase the likelihood that those viewing your video ads are a right-fit client.

4. Video adds to and builds strong credibility with your Right-Fit Clients

Regardless of how much research a prospective client does, it comes down to emotions when a decision is actually made. Video allows you to convey confidence, competence, authority, and emotion about your home care services in such a way that viewers can experience it almost as directly as if they were conversing with you one-on-one. Sharing stories and experiences in your video to illustrate your expertise will prove far more effective than simply stating WHAT you do. If you’re sincere and authentic in your video – as opposed to highly or over-produced, your videos will be far more relatable to those watching. For your organic or live videos, don’t be affraid of pauses or restatements to convey your message. Eliminate the fear in front of a camera that comes with this idea of perfection that more often brings on paralysis and fear. With so much humanity in home care, it’s perfectly acceptable – and encouraged – to have some humanity in your videos.

5. Leveling up your content

Images and text on a website are always going to be key elements of communicating your WHY and supporting what you do as a home care agency. If you take compelling content and images from your website and recreate those in video, you’ll unlock even more opporutnities to engage them. Video isn’t just an “instead of” solution for introducing your brand to prospects, it’s an “in addition to” means to leveling up your online reach and successes. For example: 

  • In addition to introducing a new team member to your current and prospective audience through a blog post, addition to your team page, and an image/text post on social media, do a quick video with the new team member. Have them share why they’re excited to be working with you and share some of their expertise. 
  • In addition to sharing a picture of your team at a local event supporting something that shows your involvement in the community, take some video and share a highlight reel as a video post, reel, story, etc.

6. Educate your Audience through video

You know the old addage: “An image is worth a thousand words.”? If you take a short video to include both words and a brief demonstration, you’re benefiting from the best of both words and images. In a brief video, you could tackle a simple topic to educate loved ones of and even your right-fit clients of anything from how they can improve their situations on their own, things to consider to evaluate their needs better, how to choose the proper level of care/support.

7. Increased Engagement through video

Of all the content shared online, video dominates when it comes to what people look at, like, share, comment on, or even tag others to. To get the most engagement out of videos, you need to ensure your content and your presentation is engaging. Consider how the following might impact how someone viewing your video will react:

  • Scenery – How on-point with your brand is the space/location you’re shooting the video?
  • Vocals – Use voice inflection and speak clearly. This will help viewers understand you and experience your emotions with you.
  • Sound – Beyond how you speak in the video, consider getting some background music for more long-form videos to help maintain energy. For quick social media videos, just make sure you’re in a space that won’t introduce distracting noises in the background. Ensure you have a decent mic to isolate your voice at a good volume.


Video empowers you to share moments and experiences your right-fit client should expect to have with your agency in such a way that it compels them to take action. Seeing removes an inherent level or skepticism, which increases their trust in your brand. In every video you produce or simply shoot and post to social media, it’s critical to invite the viewers to take some sort of action. This action can be to use your advice for a DIY solution in their home up to an invitation to connect with your team to start evaluating their needs and discussing a care plan.

30-DAy Video Challenge

Not only am I challenging you to create 30 videos in 30 days, you can access a list of prompts to help you determine your topics to cover in the videos. Click “TAKE THE CHALLENGE!” to let us know you’re participating and access ideas for your video content and styles.

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