Action Leader Awards – September 2023

Leaders among Action Leaders

We’re excited to announce the following home care owners and operators that we recognized during our quarterly Action Leader Summit in September 2023.

We’re privileged to work with these and many other incredible home care owners who are taking daily action to empower the teams at their agencies and are inspiring others in the process. 

“Clint and I are blessed to live a life in which we routinely see miraculous transformations by home care owners and operators. Not only in their agencies but in their lives as well.

We’ve seen agencies come into our coaching program that were barely making payroll that, within a year, were opening second locations… diversifying into multiple revenue streams… all while exiting daily operations. The owners and operators we are excited to recognize this year represent a handful of individuals we’ve witnessed overcome obstacles and pressures faced and dominate as they’ve taken effective action. 

Like others in this industry, they’ve experienced moments of being so worn they barely had the strength and mental/emotional capacity to try ‘one more thing’. They are now industry leaders and influencers that are not only changing their lives and building their dreams into reality – they are achieving their true Purpose and Impact.

There are several experiences in home care I could share – so many incredible transformations. But, when I sat down to share my thoughts about the honor it is for Clint and I to witness such incredible tranformations, I was struck with the knowledge that it really takes two simple ingredients to start on a path to making all this success in home care possible:

  1. Continuous Learning – Owners and Operators that understand “there is much to learn” are prime for continuous improvement. The ability to learn and adapt FAR exceeds any benefits from obtaining academic knowledge. There is inner strength in being a life-long learner. Agility as a home care owner brings calm and the ability to make decisive, course-altering bold moves, and distinguishes them from others in the industry.
  2. Mentorship and Coaching – I’ve discovered successful people look to mentors and coaches to inspire them to build strong systems and processes as part of their design, as well as handle the weight of the growth within the structure they create. The right choice in a coach/mentor as you create your agency by design sets you on a quicker pace to make systems effectively scalable and repeatable. 
With these two ingredients, you can change the world. We – and many home care owners we have the privilege of working with – have proven that time and time again.”

Jessica Nobles

september 2023 recipients

Kelly Adams

Beyond Home Care

KEvin Rasmussen


Nicole Haney

Papa’s Place

Mike Griffin

Griswold Home Care

Dennis & Lori Waardenburg

At Home By Choice Home Care

Kristin Beckholt

Interim Healthcare

Erika Jones Thomas

Lillie’s Helpers

Renee Derenne

Jay’s Legacy

TRacey Anastasio

Healing Hearts Home Care

Kat Villanueva

Nest and Care

Brian & Leslie Mitchell

Silver Companios

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