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Are you an All-In Attendee?

Throughout the year, we host various webinars, masterclasses, and virtual events attended by hundreds of home care owners and operators. Our goal is to empower all who attend and strengthen a community among home care owners. Beyond presenting solutions home care owners can be inspired to incorporate into their operations, we facilitate breakout rooms to encourage attendees to network with and gain feedback from others. We also encourage ongoing discussions in our Home Care Owners Community on Facebook were thousands are turning to for expert and peer support.

Some of the best relationships between owners throughout the country have resulted from being “all in” during virtual events we’ve hosted. “All in” at a minimum means cameras on and (when heading into breakouts or providing Ah-Ha moments) mics on. Even when not in breakout rooms in Zoom, having your cameras on while a host is presenting during any Zoom meeting 100% contributes to the energy of the meeting or event. Hosts absolutely feed off of the energy of the dozens to hundreds of attendees they can see with cameras up and working just as much as when in a room of in-person attendees. Your investment of time into events you attend and showing up emotionally and mentally will also be a positive influence to others attending.

Which type of attendee are you?

The All-In Attendee

  • Camera On
  • Mic ready to go in breakouts and when called on to share Ah-Has or takeaways
  • Contributing in Chat
  • Emoting – excitement, shared frustration, agreement, etc.

The Only Sorta Here Attendee

  • Camera Off
  • Mic never turned on
  • Simply logged into the event/webinar/masterclass
  • No contribution back to the host or other attendees

Our Promise

Whoever is presenting during one of our events will leave everything they have on the “stage” during events and play full-out for you.

Invitation to you

Make space for space when you attend our virtual events/masterclasses/webinars/etc. Let your team know you are setting aside time to work on your business and empower them to do what’s necessary to free you from working in your business during this time. The more you give during these times with us, the more you will get from yourself, from peers in the industry, and from our team at Home Care Ops.

Set Your Mood

Download a background to upload to zoom and share with other attendees what you are feeling or hoping to walk away from the even with. You can download as many as you want and even switch them up during the event as you may experience a shift in mindset throughout the event.

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