CEO or Operator?

Building a home care agency is tough.

No matter which route you take – independent or franchise – there are myriad choices and decisions you make along the way that tend to tie you (often unknowingly!) into a certain train of thought. The paths are often decided by one distinction:

Are you an operator or a ceo?

You may say, “I’m the owner!”

While you are the owner, it’s important to recognize we all operate out of one of two mindsets – and the difference those make in our agency is dramatic.

Let me explain.

The Two Mindsets

The Operator Mindset can be summarized as being “in the business.” This involves immersing yourself into the day-to day tasks and micro-managing operations. While oerators are often quite hands-on and knowledgeable about every detail of their business, they tend to get stuck in the daily grind. This can lead to reactive decision making, burnout, and slower growth due to less time and energy being available for strategy and planning.

On the other hand, the CEO Mindset is about working “on the business.” From this position, an owner takes a step back, looks at the bigger picture, and focuses on strategic growth innitiatives. A CEO’s role involves decision making that aligns with the company’s vision, developing and empowering their team, and continuously improving systems and processes. CEOs are not mired in day-to-day operations, rather are freed to orchestrate the symphony from a higher vantage point.


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