Leverage Benchmarking Data

How to Leverage Benchmarking Data to Make Decisions That'll Help You Scale Your Business

February 15, 2023, we were invited to participate in the Home Care Pulse Growth Summit to host a panel discussing the importance of tracking and leveraging data for home care agency owners. Clinton and Jessica were joined by Nicole Haney, owner of Papa’s Place, and Guy Tommasi, owner of LIFETIME Care at Home. 

During the Growth Summit, the four spent 20 minutes answering some key questions home care owners have about data and what they’ve found successful as they focused in on specific KPIs and began taking action to improve outcomes. You can watch an extended version of this conversation by completing the form below.

Summary of What Was Discussed

There was a time when tracking and leveraging data was considered only necessary for the largest and most competitive markets. And while that mindset remains in some Owners, the truth is the reality has evolved completely.

Data is no longer bullet points for corporate meetings.

Data, and the correct interpretation of those facts, are the lifeblood of modern Home Care Agencies.

In today’s competitive market, data tracking isn’t just a tool, it’s an absolute necessity in building the foundation of growth to scale without collapsing under the weight of wasted resources that aren’t properly tracked.

In this 20-minute video you’ll discover:

  • How Nicole used a single data tracking tool within her agency and went from 81% to 40% staff turnover in just one year!
  • How Guy leveraged years of data tracking to condense and identify the FOUR MAIN DATA POINTS that affect the flow and sustainability of every agency.
  • How Clint identified the SINGLE MOST important KPI to start tracking RIGHT NOW.
  • And much, much more!

Today’s Home Care Owner can no longer accept weak margins and unnecessarily high turnover rates.

In a world where the margin of error can be uncomfortably thin, those Owners that have learned to leverage data have a distinct advantage.

Leveraging Data is knowledge.

And knowledge is Power.

Catch the replay and keep taking action!

Watch the Extended Conversation About Data


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